Opcent Solutions will help your company

Exceed Quality And Safety Standards.

OPCENT Solutions will use human factors analysis to ensure organizations are structured with operator centric policies, equipment, logistics, resources, and training to maximize operator performance.


      • Root cause analysis
      • Recommendations to test plans and simulation scenarios
      • Recommendations for new training plans or modifications to established plans
      • Recommendations for software/equipment design
      • Recommendations for Risk Management
      • Establishment of a quality/safety action report program
      • Analysis of a previously established quality/safety action reporting program
      • Recommendations for automation and AI
Our Goal

finding solutions to empower your workforce.

James Reason created the “swiss cheese” model which describes how active and latent failures within the varying layers of a system line up to produce a clear path to human error.  OPCENT identifies existing or potential holes throughout the layers of a system, provides solutions to close holes within the layers, and builds a solid platform for an operator to accurately perform tasks and make decisions within the given circumstances.

About Human Factors

Human Factors is defined as the multidisciplinary effort to generate and compile information about human capabilities and limitations and apply that information to equipment, systems, facilities, procedures, jobs, environments, training, staffing and personnel management for safe, comfortable, effective human performance

Human error has been reported as being responsible for 70% of failures, accidents, and incidents in high risk industries. Does this same rate apply to human error in your operation? OPCENT can provide the answer in addition to solutions to lower the failure rate.


OPCENT provides human factors based solutions to deficiencies that will benefit both the operator and the organization to many different industries.







Space Exploration



OPCENT’s consultants have a tremendous amount of combined experience and acheivements in multiple industries.


  • 33 years in Production and Quality Management
  • 27 years QMS experience
  • 24 years Continuous Improvement Project Management Experience
  • ISO/IATF-16949 Auditing Expertise


  • 1 Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • 2 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Recognition from Caterpillar and Toyota for supplier quality
  • International supply chain and manufacturing expertise


  • 45 years military and commercial pilot experience
  • 25 years SMS experience within aviation operations
  • 25 years Human Systems Programs/ Aircrew Flight Equipment


  • National Award for Safety Achievement impacting Department of Defense fleet
  • DoD (ANG) project management award
  • Test program administration




  • 60 years logistics and transportation management


  • Worldwide Logistical Planning
  • Material Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Ground and Air Shipping


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