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OPCENT Solutions will perform an initial consult via telecon to determine content and requirements for an initial site visit.  The initial site visit should be planned for 2 days, the first day being an introduction to OPCENT and the Human Factors Analysis Process with additional focus on the client’s goals and requirements for the end product.  The second day will focus on visiting workstations and personnel within the company that will be part of the data collection and observation process.  Within a week of the initial site visit, OPCENT will present a Statement of Work, an estimated timeline and cost for the project, along with the terms of agreement.  If the client accepts, OPCENT will set up a schedule for any additional on-site visits.  At the end of the project, OPCENT will present the client with all findings and recommendations in a formal report and out brief.  If there is any reason for post-project data collection, OPCENT will continue to collect and analyze data as agreed upon in the contract with the client.

Initial Consultation

Initial Site Visit

Data Collection & Observation


Report drafting

Outbrief of Findings & Recommendations

Post Implementation Data Collection (optional)

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``The Swiss Cheese Model``

James Reason created the “swiss cheese” model which describes how active and latent failures within the varying layers of a system line up to produce a clear path to human error.  OPCENT identifies existing or potential holes throughout the layers of a system, provides solutions to close holes within the layers, and builds a solid platform for an operator to accurately perform tasks and make decisions within the given circumstances.

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